Every presenter will use a consistent backdrop that is included as part of the roadshow. These are 60″ x 40″ non-gloss thick-paper posters that will be sent to each presenter. This ensures everyone has a consistent, professional, event-branded background (vs poor backlighting, backgrounds with a dirty desk, or unmade bed in the background, etc. (we’ve all seen it).

Each vendor will get their own backdrop. The images are all classy and modern, but also different (since folks will know we’re presenting virtually). But they all have the same Virtual Bounce Back monitor. The samples show two images–one blank, and another that shows what it might look like if a person were in front of it.


  1. Select your top 3 preferred backgrounds (caption shows the number).
  2. Complete the form below the images and list your preferred top 3 backgrounds. We’ll let you know if they are already taken so you can re-select.
  3. We’ll mail you the final poster (in a thick tube) after selection. You can then attach it to the wall behind you and adjust your distance so it fits within your webcam image.

Include your selection, and the full name & MAILING address of the person presenting in front of the camera (do not list an office address if that is not where the presenter is. You would typically send it to their home).

Roadshow Poster Selection & Address